Product review: Omorovicza

Omorovicza sent me a bunch of cleansers to try and If there is one product I love testing it has to be cleansers!⁠⠀⁣
Removing makeup and gunk at the end of the day is ⁠⠀⁣
really a chore for most people but when you have a good cleanser it can really be just the perfect wind down for the evening. I will just quickly touch on their thermal cleansing balm which is not new to me and is a beautiful indulgent mud balm.⁠⠀⁣
Key Ingredients:⁠⠀⁣
-Hungarian Moor Mud: Cleanses and purifies the skin.⁠⠀⁣
-Sweet Almond Oil: Replenishes the skin leaving it soft and silky.⁠⠀⁣
-Orange Blossom Oil: For the senses.⁠⠀⁣
Points to note on the cleansing balm & double cleansing.⁠⠀⁣
1. It does require a washcloth as it does not emulsify fully, drier skins may appreciate the comforting lipid layer left behind.⁠⠀⁣
2. Oily acne prone skins would need to tread carefully and follow up with a gel/foaming cleanser to fully remove any residue, remember that any oily residue not cleansed effectively can cause congestion and also prevent the absorption of some of your treatment steps (which they also sent me so looking forward to testing these two together). ⁠⠀⁣
Who else loves cracking up new cleansers?⁠⠀⁣

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