9 Tips for managing oily skins

Managing oily skin and breakouts is a lifelong challenge for some πŸ™‹πŸ½β€β™€οΈso I thought I would write another practical post to help you put together a routine that supports you manage your skin oiliness better.⁠⠀

These tips are a good starting point for example avoiding lipid-rich products, oily SPFs, makeup and face oils to begin with will allow you to assess your level of oiliness at several hour intervals and throughout the day so that you can understand your skin better. You can then eventually (and) incrementally begin to include them into your routine one at a time whilst simultaneously assessing how your skin responds to them. Some oils specifically formulated for blemish-prone skins may work wonders on oily skin e.g Tree Tea Oil or Black Cumin Oil however if you are suffering from oily skins it’s a good starting point to scale back on lipid-rich products and slowly add them into your routine one at a time to assess how your skin responds.
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Hope this helps, any other tips to add to this?⁠⠀