Q&A: Do I need a Scrub?⠀

❓What is a facial scrub?⠀
1️⃣Facial scrubs are commonly known as physical or manual exfoliants, usual in a creamy/gel base that has small particles inside them. The particles can be from a variety of materials, seeds, beads, spheres etc When used over the face they work to lift dirt, debris and loosened skin cells. ⠀

2️⃣The next question is then usually “I am already using an acid do I still need a scrub?”⠀
🔆Acids & enzymes (chemical exfoliation) is great for dissolving the glue between the perished dull outer layer of skin cells. Manual scrubs on the other hand help lift off and remove those loosen skin cells for smoother more radiant skin also allowing for better absorption of products. So they can make for a good complementary regime.⠀

3️⃣Suitable for?⠀
Scrubs or Physical exfoliants work for all skin types, sensitive skins will need to make sure the brush or scrub is gentle enough. Above all, they do need to be used gently across the face without tugging or being too harsh which is usually the culprit for people who experience over exfoliation with scrubs. ⠀


  • Facial washes/ Creams with small spheres⠀
  • Rice granules, oatmeal, almond meal,⠀
  • Fruit seed scrubs (finely ground to avoid irritation).⠀
  • Face cloths⠀
  • Clarisonic brushes (Ones I tend to avoid because of how easy it can be to overuse these or use them aggressively). ⠀

⠀5️⃣Tips on Usage?⠀

  • Use 1-2 a week depending on how you are rotating them with enzyme/acid exfoliants. ⠀
  • Avoid them altogether or use them in moderation when experiencing pustular/inflamed/ cystic acne, eczema, rosacea or any other inflammatory skin condition. ⠀
  • To avoid over-exfoliation avoid using them on the day of any acid/enzyme overnight exfoliation treatment.⠀
  • They can be added on nights of Vitamin A usage to help the active penetrate that bit better. ⠀
  • Look for spherical beads rather than sharp jagged seed face scrubs which have the potential to irritate. ⠀
  • Look for cleansers with spherical beads for less irritation.⠀
  • Body scrubs (and/or acid exfoliants) can be a great way of keeping chest and back acne away. ⠀